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I‘m Kelsie, the founder and owner of Media Cupcake and your new marketing side-kick!

I started out just like you. I’m creative, I wanted to be my own boss, and I wanted to make money on my own terms. 

Fast forward to 2015 when I started my own handmade jewelry store – it fullfilled my every want. It wsa creative, I got to work my own hours, and I made good money. 

The only problem? Was making consistent sales. I had the usual up and down that comes with retail sales. 

The solution? Getting more eyes on my products! When it comes to sales, it really is just a numbers game. If you have a good product that makes organic sales, its’ really about getting that product in front of more ideal customers in order to make more sales. 

Why I started Media Cupcake

After years of learning, and testing, and taking expensive courses I really want to use my knowledge and experience to help other small business owners overcome the obstabcles standing in their way.

So I’m using my marketing skills and my passion for helping to fast-track your success so you don’t have to put in all the time and money to figure things out the hard way (like I did).

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